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Prayer and liturgy are an integral part of our school life. Our Year 6 leaders have the opportunity to lead the school in prayer, at the morning assemblies.

Formal and informal prayer opportunities are also provided throughout the day. These prayer liturgies reflect the Religious Education program, church celebrations, feast days and special events.

Within each class, regular opportunities are provided for the children to plan, prepare and participate in prayer, liturgies and class masses. Each classroom creates a sacred prayer space as a focus in the classroom. This sacred space reflects current classroom themes in RE.

Details on special prayer and liturgical events are communicated through personal invitation and via our school newsletter each week. Parents are warmly encouraged to attend class celebrations.

As a school, we have the opportunity to celebrate together at various times in the school year. These celebrations include:

  •     Opening School Mass
  •     Ash Wednesday Class Liturgies
  •     Holy Week Liturgies
  •     Feast Day liturgies
  •     Mary MacKillop Mass
  •     Mission Month
  •     Anzac and Remembrance Day liturgies