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An integral aspect of our Vision at St Michael’s is to inspire excellence in Leading. We achieve this by fully implanting The Leader in Me framework into all aspects of school life, by encouraging our students to realise and fulfill their potential by making positive contributions and by being good role models in sustaining strong partnerships between school home, parish and the local community.

Our Year Six students are given regular responsibility by being involved in leadership groups. These groups are actively involved in the daily life of the school and they greatly assist staff in providing support for the students of the school. The Year Six groups are:

  • Leaders of Public Speaking- Leading assemblies as well as welcoming and thanking guests / visitors
  • Leaders of Fund Raising- Helping to staff to organise school discos. Working with Principal to help organise mufti days and fund raisers.
  • Leaders of the Playground- Supporting younger students- shoelaces, opening lunchboxes in the playground from 1.30-2pm. Notifying duty teacher if there’s a problem.
  • Leaders of the Environment- Coordinating the school waste management system and helping environment club and overseeing environmental practices.
  • Leaders of Liturgy- Helping teachers to organise liturgies. Assisting at whole school Masses & Liturgies. Doing A/V when requested by Father Ken
  • Student Voice- Visiting a class to speak to them about what is going well at school and any suggestions as to how things can be improved. Follow-up meeting with the Principal twice a term.
  • Sports Captains- Carnival organisation , Keeping sports room / bin room tidy, putting out sports equipment each day.