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St Michael’s Catholic Parish Primary School is excited to be able to offer its students purposeful and powerful opportunities to utilise technology as a tool for achieving positive learning outcomes for all students. In particular we welcome families whose Stage 3 students learn in a 1:1 iPad environment and we look forward to working with you, the parents to support each individual child to succeed to the best of his or her ability.


In 2014 as part of the school’s technology plan and after a significant period of research and staff training, a decision was made to introduce a 1:1 iPad environment to Year Five students. The program has broadened to include all Stage 3 students (Years Five and Six) and we believe that it provides the students with greater opportunities to learn.


The use of iPads as a learning device links the classroom to the outside world and allows the children greater access to information. In this sense it acts as a powerful tool used to support learning and teaching. It also caters for the diverse range of learning styles and interests among students, personalising learning and increasing motivation. Creativity is nurtured as students are free to explore and choose different ways to present information and share this with their teachers and peers. 


The use of iPads promotes collaboration and synergy between students as they work together to communicate ideas and teach each other new skills


Through the implementation of explicit learning experiences and a diverse range of strategies, we are developing inquiring minds and an increased level of critical thinking. This in turn will greatly assist our children to achieve excellence in a world where technology plays a pivotal role.


Kerrin Cronin