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iPad Students


As a responsible user I will:

  • treat my device with respect and due care
  • ensure my iPad is carried in it’s protective case
  • keep food and beverages away from my iPad at all times
  • use my iPad for my own personal use and not make it available to other individuals
  • bring my iPad to school every day fully charged
  • refrain from vandalism or any attempt to harm or destroy the equipment or data of others
  • download and update apps requested by the school and ensure they are kept on the iPad at all times
  • ensure that all content played, stored, shared or viewed is in line with the Catholic ethos of the school 
  • acknowledge that my iPad is primarily a learning tool
  • use my iPad, and all digital technologies, as a responsible digital citizen
  • abide by conventions of online etiquette and be respectful of others
  • protect my personal details and passwords by not sharing them
  • seek permission from a staff member or student before taking, using or uploading images of others
  • allow my parents to be aware of, and monitor the use of my iPad and the internet at home, as this is not the responsibility of the school 
  • abide by the SPB4L Behaviour Definitions for the safe and responsible use of information and communication technologies 


Calculator For iPad Free
Google Drive
Holy Bible Free
Overdrive Media Console
iTunes U
Khan Academy
School A-Z
Pic Collage
iMovie (Free if you have a device purchased after Sept 2013)
Pages (Free if you have a device purchased after Sept 2013)
Keynote (Free if you have a device purchased after Sept 2013)
Numbers (Free if you have a device purchased after Sept 2013)

*Please note, if you have a device purchased prior to September 2013 you will need to purchase the following Apps from the App Store: