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iPad Creating Your Apple ID

All students using an iPad at school need to have their own Apple ID on their iPad so that they can utilise their own iCloud storage space (not sharing it with other family members) and take ownership of all their Apps, particularly those supplied by the school. Additionally, students should not be receiving messages or content intended for other family members. 

Children under 13 years of age are not allowed to create an Apple ID themselves. There are a number of ways that an Apple ID can be created for Primary school Children's use including 'Parent Managed Family Sharing', and 'Apple IDs for Students' created by schools.

At St Michael's, we prefer that Parents create an individual Apple ID (iCloud Account) for their Child's exclusive use.

Parents are asked to setup their child's Apple ID (iCloud account) using either; the Parent Managed Apple ID which requires the Parent to own an iOS 8 iPhone for with an attached credit card (refer to instructions 'Creating a Parent Managed Apple ID For Students') or simply a credit-card free Apple ID as shown in the instructions that follow.



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