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iPad Making the Purchases

Where do I purchase my child's iPad from?

Families are free to make their own decisions abour where to purchase their iPads.  There are a range of local retailers who stock the iPad.
The following stores may be viable options for you to consider: 

Rosman Computers, Thirroul (Remember to ask about the discount price on your iPad case if you purchase your iPad from here)

A number of the retailers listed above provide some form of rental or lease option should this be your preferred choice.

Visit Mac Prices Australia

Ideal Specifications For Device
 64GB Wi-Fi  iPad Air 2
Minimum Specifications For Device 
16GB / Wi- Fi / full-size iPad 3 or above (not an iPad mini).
The iPad Mini does NOT meet the minimum size requirements for NAPLAN Online testing, and so, should not be purchased for your child’s use.
*Please be aware that the iPad 2 will be slower in processing and is NOT supported by the September/October release of iOS10. It may not be compatible with the required Apps. The iPad 2 was released in early 2011. 
A 16GB iPad will suffice if the device is used solely for school work, however, should you choose to purchase a larger device to house other Apps and multimedia, that is a choice you are able to make. 


Cases – Compulsory

Different cases will meet different purposes and ultimately this is a parent decision. It is highly important that the case protects the corners of the device. We recommend that you consider the following:
Ideally, the cover you choose for your child's iPad will:
  • wake the iPad when opened, and sleep it when closed (Smart Cover)
  • fold to stand offering multiple user angles
  • offer scratch protection for the iPad screen
  • have a moulded cradle to protect the body of the iPad
  • not be too bulky or obscure the functionality of the iPad

Some websites to visit:
Griffin Survivor Case
Apple Smart Case


Mobile Phone Hospital in Wollongong can supply affordable Survivor (Tough) Cases for iPad – Details Here

Headphones or Earbuds – Compulsory

St Michael's advises the purchase of over-ear headphones, instead of in-ear buds. Please click here for more information.

External Keyboard – Optional

A Bluetooth Keyboard is NOT required but you and your child may decide that this is a worthwhile purchase — it’s your choice.

Stylus – Optional