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iPad Rationale and Aim

"The future demands skilled, digitally-aware learners with the capacity to participate in learning throughout their lifeā€¦"
(Beetham, McGill & Littlejohn: 2009)

Download 2015 Technology and iPad Policy

At St Michael's, we believe that all students have the capacity to make a difference in the world and to contribute in a positive way to society. We believe that the iPad is a small, yet significant learning tool which will further develop the capacity of the individual to create, collaborate, communicate and contribute.

In our quest to challenge students to strive for excellence, we believe the iPad is the appropriate vehicle to achieve this.

Therefore we have made the decision to introduce 1:1 iPads in Stage 3 from 2014.

View the clip below to see how one small action can change the world.


The clip below explains why the iPad is a powerful learning tool and the right tool for our students.