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Class representatives play a pivotal role in the initiation of “pastoral care” to families in need.  Pastoral care includes but is not limited to, the provision of meals, transport assistance, play dates/childcare etc. The school can also provide specific assistance and referrals to organisations when/where appropriate.

Pastoral care process

Please contact your class representative if you are aware of a family in need, to initiate a co-ordinated approach to the assistance given to the family. 

When Class representatives are aware of a “pastoral care” need they are asked to confidentially contact the P & F President to advise and discuss assistance required.  The President may be able to offer assistance or provide useful contacts dependant on the situation or needs.

The P& F President will then notify the Principal.  The Principal may advise of ways in which the school can assist or provide external contacts/referrals.  All “pastoral care” needs will remain strictly confidential.   

This system is reciprocal, if the Principal is made aware of a “pastoral care” need, he/she will notify the P&F President to initiate P&F/Class assistance. 

Class Representatives

Each class will have one or two class representatives, whose role is to assist with communicating with the class group & the P & F.  Class representatives are nominated at the Class information night held early term 1.

The role of Class representatives is to promote parent involvement in our school community. Class representatives undertake:

  • Welcoming new parents and assisting them in getting to know other parents and feeling part of the school community.
  • Advising the P & F President or Principal of families needing help, no matter how big or small.
  • Organising casual class get togethers or social activities
  • Gathering support from their class group for School and P & F events, including the Fete.
  • Attending P & F meetings (usually 4 meetings per year)
  • Creating a voluntary parent contact register for their class and distributing it to parents when complete.