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Our Catholic Parish Primary School is our Parish’s most comprehensive faith formation program.  Our Parish School provides an atmosphere that allows the love of Jesus to be lived out in everyday life.  Many hours of the children's lives are spent in school.  The faith background of the staff and their dedication to teaching are the basics of a good education and teachers of the soul.  The staff speak of and live their faith in the classroom.  Not only are they speaking of how mathematics, reading and health are important but also how we discover God in all aspects of our lives.

The school began over seventy years ago when classes were held in our Parish Church.  The school is very much part of the Parish, and every effort is made to further the cooperation between staff, students, families and the general Parish community.

The staff of our Parish School, in liaison with the Catholic Education Office of our Diocese, have responsibility for this ministry.  The staff have the expertise in the Church and civil requirements of the education of the whole person.  Our Parish School is strongly supported by the Pastor [Parish Priest], by the Parish Pastoral and Finance Councils, and by the general Parish Community – indeed, both Parish and School are intimately integrated, both called to minister to love, reconciliation and peace of Christ to our world.